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A light-weight summer read.

The Cornish House - Liz Fenwick

This was the first of Liz Fenwick's popular books, based in Cornwall. Although a native of America, Liz has given her heart to this beautiful corner of Britain and her book reveals her love for the area.


Maddie has inherited, Trevenen, an old wreck of a house in the depths of Cornwall. She moves from London after her husband's death, and takes his daughter, Hannah, with her. As if being step-mother to a teenage girl isn't bad enough, Maddie's charge has also had to cope with the loss of her beloved father and relocation from all her friends; her attitude is understandably hostile. The only person who can get through to her is the retired school teacher, known as 'Old Tom'. 


This book has plenty to offer; there's the inevitable love triangle, an irritable teenager, an old house in need of restoration and its history to unravel, not to mention Maddie's own history. The perfect book for lounging in the sun with.