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The Second Husband - Louise Candlish

This was well enough written but rather predictable. One twist, about half way through, prevented the book from being totally mundane, but in spite of a dash overseas and some rather irritating conversation, the ending just resolved itself, with no help from the characters. It didn't help that the narrator of my audiobook version had a rather patronising, super-sweet voice.

Kate Easton has been divorced from her first husband, Alistair, for ten years, when he announces that his child support will have to be reduced and suggests that she split the flat and take in a lodger. Reluctantly she agrees and Davis Calder takes the room. He is peripatetic teacher, coaching teenagers through their exams, and offers to help Kate's daughter Roxy in her application for Cambridge University.
In spite of Kate's resolution to steer clear of men and concentrate on Roxy and her nine-year old brother, Kate is undeniably drawn to him.

Because I listened to the audio version, I fortunately missed the tag line spoiler, that was apparently on the book. But in spite of this, it wasn't too much of a surprise as there were plenty of suggestive hints in the narrative. The resolution of the resulting problem was totally ineffective as the issue, predictably, resolved itself, much as I had expected.

Not a bad listen to keep me awake on a couple of five-hour drives, but not something that makes me want to dash out and buy another book by the same author.