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Also published as Jessica's Ghost.

Friends for Life - Andrew Norriss

This is a Middle School novel, touching on several subjects that would be worth raising for discussion. These include bullying, feelings of insecurity, depression, suicide and life after death. Having said that, it's quite lighthearted in its approach and even amusing in parts.

The main character is Francis, who has a rather unusual hobby. Whilst this hobby is often a career move for some adult men, it opens Francis up to a degree of ridicule that makes his school days uncomfortable. The other main character, Jessica, isn't really alive at all; she's a ghost, which is presumably quite believable when you're in Middle School. Jessica helps Francis to gain confidence, which he then passes on, helping other students in a similar position.

Whilst tackling awkward subjects, this book is also upbeat and highly readable, with a positive message.
I was listening to an audiobook version, well read by Alison Larkin.