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Storms, fireballs and panic.

The Traveler - Melissa Delport

This is going to be a tough book to review because although I can recognise that it's well written, it falls straight into one of my least favourite genres, Action. I chose it because I have enjoyed several books by Melissa Delport, especially under her alias of Lisa Del, and I knew she would not disappoint. I have since reread the book's description and I now see that in my enthusiasm, I managed to miss the words tsunami, conquer and pillage, so to be fair, I have upgraded my 3.0 to a 3.5* rating. 

Rachel is a TV news journalist and she is out on a job with her colleagues, when her world is turned upside down by extreme weather and devastation. Amidst mass panic, they head back to the TV studio to post a final bulletin, before heading to the one place on a weather chart that shows calm. Hmm, this is all going through my head now and I don't want to post spoilers, so, fast forward and Rachel has met up with Dex, a past boyfriend who had a devastating effect on her at the time. She is still bewitched, but she hadn't known that he wasn't human, so it is an horrific shock to discover that he is with the powerful invading force. How can their relationship possibly resume?

The characterisations in this novel were strong, even with such a large cast. We meet various people along the way, but they all feel very real and relatable. Leah Sponburgh was a fabulous narrator, how she kept pace with the action, I have no idea. Her job was more like that of a sports commentator then a book narrator and she impressed me no end.

The world is in chaos and this small band survivors needs to find somewhere as far from the action as possible. If Action is your thing, this is a definite next-read.