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A rollicking romp.

Lost & Found (A Daisy Dunlop Mystery Book 2) - JL Simpson

This was fun! Certainly not the most in-depth book I've ever read, but an enjoyable romp with entertaining characters and brilliantly narrated by Diana Croft.


Daisy Dunlop is a nutty private investigator, along the lines of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum. She has teamed up with her husband's best mate, Solomon, to work on a case that involves a missing poodle. Suffice to say she is petrified by dogs.

The interaction between Daisy and Solomon forms a large part of the book, they are not involved with one another; Daisy is madly in love with her husband Paul, but they seem to manage to get into rather a lot of compromising situations.


Other characters are less detailed and some of those involved with the crime became rather a cast of thousands for me. The crime itself trundles along at a steady pace but then we suddenly get an overload of information which was rather confusing on audio as it's so difficult to rewind when driving etc. This aside, I enjoyed the narrative and the excellent narration and would certainly consider listening to the first book. Hopefully the third book will also be available on audio at a later date.