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Buddha Bowls  - Kelli Foster

I discovered Buddha bowls only about a year ago, when the cafe where we held our monthly book discussion added them to their menu. I was intrigued and gave them a go. Wow, it was like a salad flavour explosion!

So I was thrilled to find this well presented recipe book, full of inspiration to build a really healthy meal. The recipes are straight forward and easy to follow and I loved the extra suggestions, like cooking rice in tea for a flavour boost, or keeping herb off-cuts in the freezer to add to noodles while cooking.

The introduction succinctly describes Buddha bowls and runs through the type of foods they contain; how they are layered and an explanation of sauces and toppings.
There is also a useful chart giving guide-line cooking times and water quantities for most of the grains and noodles you might need to employ for your base.layer.

There are 13 sauce recipes, alongside suggestions for recipes in which these sauces are used - useful if you want to make a sauce your chosen starting point. I particularly recommend the peanut sauce but I'm itching to try the roasted red pepper sauce too.
Next come 18 breakfast bowl recipes, from Maple-Vanilla Overnight Oat Bowls (Pg 34) to Spinach and Mushroom Pesto breakfast Bowls (Pg 44). There are even some slow cooker recipes for those who like a ready-cooked hot breakfast.
Then there are 16 fish and seafood recipes, which I skimmed over as I'm vegetarian, ditto the 15 chicken and turkey bowls and the 14 beef and lamb bowls. I can come back to these at a later date, as I'm sure I can use ideas and adjust recipes from this section too.
I skipped to the 29 vegetarian recipes, which were so hard to choose between - should I make Thai Coconut Curry Bowls (Pg 131 ), Turmeric-roasted Vegetable Bowls (Pg 153 ), or Butternut Squash and Kale Bowls (Pg 126). No, but wait, what about Lentil and Roasted Tomatillo Bowls (Pg 127)?? I am spoiled for choice!
Finally, if you still have space, there are 10 fruit bowl recipes, for desert.

Plenty of vegan recipes or gluten-free options are provided, and suggestions as to how other recipes can be adapted for dietary restrictions.
My one disappointment with this fabulous book is that not all the recipes are illustrated. This is actually quite a big minus and should have resulted in me giving it 4 stars, but overall, I was so impressed by the variety here that I decided to overlook this huge omission and go with a 5 star rating.

Up until now I've been sourcing my Buddha bowl recipes from the internet, but from now in, this will be my go-to collection. I can't imagine I'll need anything else.