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Survival through adversity.

Motherless Child - Valencia Griffin-Wallace

I fear that the story narrated in this audiobook is sadly all too common. Ms Griffin-Wallace was raised in an environment of drug addiction, abuse and poverty. She joined a gang because it gave her a family and she survived her childhood by keeping her wits about her.
She had a younger sister to whom she became a mother figure, often finding a way to provide food when their parents had failed them.


Encouragingly she managed to escape from this cycle, even though she found herself pregnant at an early age and followed this with two tarnished relationships. Eventually she found the love of a good man and was able to extricate herself from the cycle of abuse.


To her credit, the author now lectures and supports other women facing similar issues and gives them the strength to escape.


I enjoyed the narration by Andrea Jones-Pierre, she sounded authentic and I was actually surprised to find that she was a narrator, rather than the author herself.


I hope this book provides encouragement to others suffering similar struggles.