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Lift the flap book for children 3 yrs and above.

Open the Suitcase - Ruth Wielockx

This is a cute little lift-the-flap book with adorable illustrations. Each of the six characters owns a suitcase containing items pertaining to their professions. The flaps lift to reveal the contents, which can then be searched for on the next page, in the context of their day to day uses.

This provides the perfect opportunity to discuss professions and the items used with young children.


My one small niggle with this book is the use of the term 'suitcase'. The tool case is not technically a suitcase, nor is the cello case. In fact the only true suitcase is the little bag that Piggy takes for a sleepover at his Grandparents. I remember when my children entered year 4, being told at a parents' evening, that we should take great care to inform our children correctly. Ever since, I have been particular about doing just that, which is why this generic use of the word suitcase is grating with me.

Apart from that, this is a fabulous little book for children aged 3 and above.