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What is a hero?

The Broken Places - Susan Perabo

I decided I needed to open a Kindle app on my phone and add at least one book for occasions when I found myself with nothing to read. I'm not sure how The Broken Places came to be the one book, but it was a fortuitous choice.

I'd never heard of Susan Perabo, but I liked the way she wrote her male characters and her description of the life in the fire service (US).


The story is told largely through the eyes of the fireman's son, twelve year old Paul, who idolises his father and waits for the day when he too, can join the fire service, following in the footsteps of both his father and his grandfather.


When an old building collapses, trapping Paul's father and the town trouble-maker deep underground, they are both forced towards an unforeseen fate. The repercussions are far-reaching and threaten to shatter Paul's entire family life and his relationship with his father.


Ms Perabo writes a fascinating insight into the nature of heroism and its flimsy veneers.

Several of Ms Perabo's books are compilations of short stories but I have managed to acquire a copy of The Fall of Lisa Bellow, which, apart from having a fabulous cover, looks like a gripping read.