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Theo's side of the story.

Theo - Amanda Prowse

Having enjoyed the first book of this series, Anna, I was looking forward to reading the sequel, Theo, to tie up all the loose ends that were still hanging and understand his side of the relationship. The author has no problem writing equally well from the male point of view and I now feel as if I have the full picture.

In the first book we met Anna and followed her through her sad childhood. About half way through that book she met Theo, who appeared to be her perfect match. Ms Prowse's relationships are never plain sailing, however, and at the end of Anna, we were left wondering what the future might hold. Satisfyingly, Theo, takes us beyond the point at which we were left in the earlier book and completes the story.

I really enjoyed the relationship Theo has with the groundsman, Mr Porter and the way this pans out was one of the highlights of the book for me. In fact there were quite a few interesting relationships in the second book, and I would say I enjoyed it even better than the first in many ways.