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The Remains of the Day - Kazuo Ishiguro

I had heard so much about this author and was looking forward to reading one of his books for our book group.

I started with the audiobook version, narrated by Nigel Hawthorne, but found his voice too slow and the book was dragging, so I did something that I never do - I read it rather than listening to it. Even so, it failed to grab me. I really wasn't interested in "what makes a good butler", a question that was churned over and over through the novel. I actually think I'd have enjoyed the book if this hadn't been overplayed to such an extent.


Apart from the above discussion, the book covers some quite interesting aspects of the influence of the wealthy on the outcome of WWII and the demise of the large houses with their extended staff, in the aftermath of the war. There is also a burgeoning love affair that is seriously hampered by the complete suppression of emotion.


In my attempt to get through this book before the meeting, I actually watched the movie, which was an accurate rendition of the story, and just as frustrating.

So, would I read another book by Ishiguro? Well, maybe, but I would be ready to move on to something else pretty quickly if it didn't grab me fairly early on.