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Trouble in Ruritania.

A Looming of Vultures: Volume I (Ruritanian Rogues) (Volume 1) - Richard Storry

This is the third book I've read by Richard Story and narrated by Jake Urry; a formidable duo. The Cryptic Lines still remains my favourite, but I enjoyed this humorous fantasy, set somewhere around the early twentieth century. The setting of Ruritania is fictitious and it's certainly not a book to be taken seriously, more of a 'romp' than a who-done-it.


It's quite a short book, at just 220 pages, but that gave me just enough time to get to know the characters, without the humour wearing thin. I'm not the sort of reader who laughs uproariously at a book, but I did find my face cracking a smile from time to time.


Covering an assassination plot and an attempt to steal some valuable coins, I'm not sure I'd have read this as a novel and it definitely benefits from being narrated. There is a second book, The Nest of Vipers and as this is also narrated by Jake Urry, I may well give it a try in the future.