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I cheated!

The Good Mother - Karen Osman
I never cheat!
But I couldn't understand why the three stories didn't seem to be intersecting. By 75% it got to me and I skipped to the end. That satisfied me that it was worth persevering...so if you're feeling tempted to do the same, just stick with it, it's worth it.
I guess it also shows how fixed my expectations are and Karen has broken the mold with this book.

I was originally prompted to read the book because the author was coming to our up-coming Lit Fest, and as she lives locally she kindly agreed to join our discussion. She was one of the winners of the Montegrappa Writing Prize, awarded annually in conjunction with the literature festival. Some pretty big names have started off as a result of this award.

Three women, Catherine, Kate and Alison, are the main characters throughout the book. Each of them has secrets that they keep to themselves. That is about as much as I can say without giving too much away so you'll just have to read it and find out more.

So I'll add a couple of quotes instead:
"As humans we are all capable of killing - all it takes is provocation and the loss of control for just one second and your life is never the same again." (loc 2468)

"She let the apology settle like a snowflake, before it evaporated into the night, lost in the void between them." (loc 2893)

This was enjoyed by our book group and they can be a pretty harsh bunch of readers at times.