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Who is the stranger in the house?

A Stranger in the House - Shari Lapena

I enjoyed the audiobook version of this novel and while I'm aware that other reviewers have criticised the weakness of some of the characters, for me, that wasn't a problem and in many ways seemed appropriate. I was particularly impressed with the narrator,‎ Tavia Gilbert, who did an excellent job.


Tom and Karen are living a normal life in a suburban town when Tom comes home from work one day to find that she has disappeared, leaving her bag and keys behind and dinner half finished. This is such unusual behaviour for Karen that he is alarmed and calls the police.

It turns out that she was in a seedy part of town and that a murder took place while she was there. Was there a connection between the two? It doesn't help that Karen has lost her memory in the ensuing car accident and has no idea why she visited that part of town at all.

Introducing a third character, Karen's friend Brigid, from over the road, the author weaves a web of intrigue that never allowed me to get bored.


I hate to use the word 'twist', it seems to have become so overplayed these days, but there were a good few of them in this novel. 


I am looking forward to meeting the author at our upcoming Literary Festival`in March. Now I just need to read the author's first book, The Couple Next Door.