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How many murders before it's no longer a co-incidence?

Death Stalks Kettle Street - John Bowen
I enjoyed this who-done-it, with one main character who suffers with OCD and a second with mild cerebral palsy.

The killer is staging murders on Greg Unsworth's street, and making them appear to be either accidents or suicides. Greg is sure the police are missing something but his severe OCD prevents him from even crossing the road without counting in reverse from 100, so he's hardly in a position to go chasing around for evidence.
Beth Grue is a librarian suffering from cerebral palsy, but she is suspicious about the death of an elderly lady who she found at the foot of her stairs when she dropped off some library books. She and Greg form an unlikely partnership, to try and prove that the deaths are murder, before another can take place.

I enjoyed the way the author wrote, he has a lovely style, and Helen Clapp made an excellent job of the narration.
There was just one part that brought this down from a 5* novel for me - Beth was attending a class on how to write a murder mystery and used this as an opportunity to pick her lecturer's brains about the thinking of a murderer. Unfortunately I didn't like the lecturer and found the classes irritating.

John Bowen was a new author for me, but I shall definitely be taking a look at his other books soon.