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Interesting novella.

Lonely Magnolia - John Isaac Jones, Tom Zainea, John Isaac Jones

I remember, many years ago, watching a TV programme called Tales of the Unexpected. It had a different tale every week and they all had clever twists at the end. This novella by John Isaac Jones, could easily have been included in that show and it left me thinking, but with a smile on my face.


It started out with the back-story of Karl Wainwright, and at first I thought it might be a biography of a computer genius. However, once Karl started searching for a second wife after the death of his first, I became more involved and was rooting for him in his project. Unfortunately this is so short (just over an hour in audio), that to try to relate any more of the narrative would give too much away.


I was listening to an audiobook, narrated by Tom Zainea, who did an excellent job.