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Bad birthdays

Yonder - LeeAnne Hansen

I hadn't expected to enjoy this audiobook as much as I did. Although it was a bit slow to get going, it built throughout to a skillful ending. I was glad I was listening to the audiobook, excellently narrated by the author.


Set during the build-up to WWII, the scene is set to follow Isabel Delilah Jones through a number of catastrophic birthdays and the fall-out from these dismal celebrations.

After the death of her mother, she is raised by a tyrannical father and runs away on her eighteenth birthday, to start a new life in New York. She doesn't return to her family home until the death of her father, who leaves a bizarre inheritance to his family and friends.

I loved the chapter where the inheritance is explained, I listened to it twice so as not to miss anything.


The characters were fascinating, especially Isabel and her two admirers, Charles and Benjamin. There is also a ghost, a young boy named Eli, whose identity we learn towards the end of the book. He is such a sad, bereft little boy, searching for his mother.


There are a few questions left unanswered and although I know there is a sequel where they may eventually be explained, this was still frustrating. Hopefully this will be available on Audible too as I'd love to have it read to me by the author.