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Run, Run, Run!

Pennies from Burger Heaven (Burger Heaven #1) - Marcy McKay

I think I was expecting this to be more along the lines of Stuart: A Life Backwards by Alexander Masters, than this frantic nightmare dash from danger to hazard to disaster. I wasn't sure If I'd continue at first but it sucked me in and, like Copper, I needed to find the answers, be they good, or bad news.

Copper is an eleven year-old girl, homeless on the streets of a fictional town in Texas. It's a rough area, with gangs, addicts, prostitutes and homeless on every corner. She's lived in this area all her life and knows it like the back of her hand, but she's always had her mother at her side. When Mama disappears, Copper leaves no stone unturned in her efforts to find her, even though it seems to result in pain and injury from all sides. 
Her Mama (Corrine Daniels) has ingrained in her, to only trust herself, but it becomes evident that she is going to need a little help. Several people saw Corrine the night before she disappeared and Copper gets a confusing set of clues as to what happened. Meanwhile, Mama seems to have stolen something form someone who wants revenge on Copper, or $1,000. 
Further complication arises when a husband and wife TV evangelist team turns up in the town, with their 'Hail Marys' and 'Save the Lords'.

So, I ask myself, after all this, would I read the second book in the trilogy? And surprisingly, I find myself answering, Yes! Although the magical realism bits did stretch my imagination a bit and didn't really add anything.