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Good book with excellent narration.

Unethical Conduct: Book 1 in the Terry McGuire Series of Thrillers (for The Garnwen Trust) - Arthur Cole, Nigel C. Williams

I don't suppose I'd have read this book if I'd come across it in a book shop, the cover is not at all inspiring, however, I listened to this as an audiobook via Audible and that was a totally different experience. Jake Urry was the narrator and I loved his sultry drawl, which perfectly matched the characters.


The two authors have served many years in the police force, so when they write a police procedural about internal police corruption, it adds another dimension to a hidden vice, that we prefer to believe does not exist.


There are three aspects to DI Terry McGuire's inquiries - firstly a corruption case brought by some proven criminals who claimed that some of their offences had been planted on them by the police. Secondly, a dead body that had been dumped after spending five years in a freezer. And thirdly, a flasher who was stalking women in the local park.


As the investigation proceeds and evidence gradually reveals itself, I became more involved with Terry McGuire's character, though I didn't manage to keep all the villains in place in my brain. No matter, it was an excellent listen and I shall be searching out more from the narrator.