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The One - John Marrs

Maybe this book had just been too hyped for me to give it a fair trial, but I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed. The precept of there being a gene that links two people as a perfect match for one another was excellent and immediately caught my attention, but the book itself lacked depth and there were a few holes in the plot.

In addition, I'm not a great fan of the format where a number of people are introduced along with their back-story and we follow them through their own separate chapters, as in this narrative.


In this case there are five main characters, each of them does eventually send in their mouth swap to find their perfect match, even if it takes some persuasion from others to encourage them. Then we get the fall-out, the complications, the issues, that arise - especially given that the match could live thousands of miles away, be of any age or marital status, could even be a criminal or the same sex as yourself.


It was an easy read and the end was believable, if a bit frustrating. I was also thinking that there could be several ideal matches - why only one?

Most reviewers seem to have identified with Nick but I felt really sorry for Ellie, can't say why without spoilers.


My book group will be discussing this in September and I'm looking forward to their comments.