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Invisible Me - Debbi Mack

I enjoyed this Young Adult novel, although I was not a fan of the narration, which was strangely staccato. Once I managed to adjust to this, however, I found I was rooting for the unusual albino lead character, Portia, even though she had a huge chip on her shoulder.


Portia has travelled from school to school all her life, being the daughter of a military man. The added complication of her unusual appearance has left her pretty negative about friendships, she doesn't expect any and doesn't go searching them out.

Her latest move finds her in a fairly typical American secondary school and she is very surprised to be singled out by the most popular girl; to go spying on her boyfriend whom she suspects of cheating on her. In addition, another girl approaches Portia for help with maths. 

What follows is an interesting reflection on teenage friendships, with all their complexities, except that this did feel as if it had bit of a - help one another and don't judge - moral attached, which was well presented.


This would be an interesting discussion novel for young adults and I would recommend it for teenage libraries.
The only thing that did seem to be missing was any discussion about the problems of actually being albino; there was no mention of Portia's reaction to light or severe tendency to burn.


My thanks to Renegade Press and Audiobook Boom! for a courtesy copy of this book in return for an unbiased review.