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Death in Japan.

Fallen Idol: A Kyoko Nakamura Mystery (Nakamura Detective Agency) (Volume 1) - Percival Constantine

Fallen Idol was a crime mystery set in Japan, and I was hoping for a bit more of a feel for Japanese life. There was a fair bit of bowing and reference to items like tatami mats, but otherwise it could have happened pretty much anywhere. The low-life and hostess bars were certainly not unique.


I was offered this as an audiobook for review from Audiobook Boom and I enjoyed the narration by Andrea Harbin, though it could have been a little faster. 

I struggled with the Japanese names at first and I have to admit that they are going to make this review difficult as I have no idea how to spell them.


Arkanay Suzuki is a former pop idol who falls from her balcony in the first scene. The police label her death as suicide and prepare to close the case, but Kyoko Nakamura is approached by Arkanay's parents to look into the circumstances of their daughter's death. Kyoko was a police officer until she left the force in disgrace and she is now running a detective agency with her two colleagues.

Together they follow clues, chase suspects and generally put themselves in danger, to solve the mystery of Arkanay's death.


The ending was disappointing and I think I was all set to give 4 stars until the last few minutes; the mystery is solved but is justice served?

3 1/2 stars.