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"What doesn't kill us makes us strong".

Twisted Webs - Darlene Quinn

How would you cope if one of your identical twins was removed from the hospital at birth and appeared to disappear off the face of the earth? And, if you were reunited eight years later, how would you respond to the woman who had raised her - should the child be wrenched from all that she holds dear, to return to her birth parents?
These are the questions raised by Darlene Quinn in book 2 of the Webs Series.


There is a bit of a cast of thousands and I did eventually have to write myself a 'family' tree to explain who was who, but in brief: Ashley Taylor gives birth to Callie and Cassie, but only Callie returns home with them. Cassie is abducted by Mario Castanelli, to replace the baby his wife has recently lost. Although he knows this is totally wrong, he sees it as the only way to bring Erica out of her depression and back to him.


This book was very much sold as a kidnap story, so I wasn't prepared for all the corporate department store stuff. I tried very hard to get involved with this, I even re-wound a large chunk of the book to try and get a grasp on it, but a complete lack of experience with the corporate world, combined with a narrator who seemed to be in a race against time, I eventually gave up and concentrated on the characters and their social interactions.


I was given this audiobook through Audiobook Boom, in return for an honest review. I would have liked to have given a higher star rating, but I didn't enjoy the narrator, who was not only fast, but also rather strident and not good at male voices (her best voice was the sultry Vivianna). In addition, the business aspect of the narrative left me cold.