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Road trip to Scotland.

The One Plus One - Jojo Moyes

This was my fifth novel by Jojo Moyes, sixth if you count novellas. I love her writing. Unfortunately I read this back in 2014 and I thought I'd just wait until I'd met her at our Literary Festival before writing my review. Then I started the review and the computer crashed - there's nothing more likely to squash a piece of writing than having to begin it all over again! So now, three years later, I shall go back to the notes I wrote in my Kindle and finally get my review written.


I have to admit that my lasting memory of this book is a long journey with a huge huffy dog in the car: ugh! But there's a lot more to the story than that.

Tanzie is a maths whizz, her single mother, Jess, would like her to go to a school that would nurture her skills, not the local comprehensive where she would be bullied for being different. Tanzie is awarded a maths scholarship but Jess is already doing two jobs and just doesn't have the money to pay the extras and make it happen. Their only chance is for Tanzie to win a maths Olympiad, offering a £5000 prize - unfortunately, it's in Scotland.


One of Jess's jobs is cleaning for computer guru, Ed. He's been rich and built an empire but since he sold his business he finds he has time on his hands - why not take time out to drive up to Scotland? Finally, there's Nicky, Tanzie's goth step-brother, son of Jess's ex-husband from a previous relationship. I have to admit I rather liked his character, kohl around his eyes, tight black jeans and constantly playing games on his hand-held device.


And so the journey begins, crammed in a car with a huge (huffy) dog, with problems galore along the way.

Not my favourite of Jojo Moyes's books, but certainly worth a read - especially if you love dogs.


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