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A slow burner.

A Gentleman in Moscow: A Novel - Amor Towles

On GoodReads this book gets 19,307 five star ratings and 10,728 four star, but I didn't enjoy it - is there something wrong with me?? I listened to the audio version and I didn't think I had a problem with the narrator, but I was really not gripped and had to force myself to pick it up each time. After all that, I missed my book group discussion - but I know it was popular with them too.


Count Alexander Rostov is confined to house arrest by a Bolshevik tribunal because he comes from the wrong side of the tracks. As his home is The Grand Metropol Hotel, this is where he must stay, indefinitely. His room is reduced in size but he is able to roam the hotel freely and mix with the guests and staff, so it could have been considerably worse.


And this was where he remained for decades, as people passed through the hotel, old acquaintances and new friends. He eventually got involved in the running of the hotel

itself and even found himself adopting a young girl whose mother he had once known.


This was very much a slow burner and an era that I have been meaning to read more of, but sadly, I remained uninspired.