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Another great Look-and-Find book.

Little Detectives At School: A LOOK and FIND Book - Baretti

Having enjoyed Little Detectives at Home with my granddaughter, this will be the obvious book to move on to when she's found all the hidden items in the home. As yet she's a long way from school age so I think of this as the second book, even though they will both be released on the same day.


As before, there are six images, this time, each one illustrates a room in a school. In each of these rooms there are numerous characters and objects and the idea is to find each of eight items, illustrated and named along the bottom of the page.


We meet the same characters as in the previous book and again I found some of them a little too stylised. Particularly the "snowman'' who I assume must be a duck. Despite this small criticism, these books are a great alternative to traditional stories and I can see them being a useful distraction in waiting rooms or busy places, where children need to be kept busy.

And when we have found all the items on each of the pages there is a list of additional things we can search for at the back - telling the time on the clock that appears on every page and counting items of different colours etc.

Age 3 - 5 years.