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Recommended board book.

Little Detectives At Home: A LOOK and FIND Book - Baretti

This is a cute book, a bit like Where's Wally for much younger children. There are six images, each one illustrating a room in a house. In each of these rooms there are numerous characters and objects and the idea is to find each of eight items, illustrated along the bottom of the page.


The recommended age for this book is 3 to 5 years but I tried it out with my eldest grandchild who is almost 2. We only attempted one page but she was fascinated by all the animal characters and on a second viewing is starting to get the hang of searching for the items. She was thrilled with herself for being able to name ''eggs''.


My only criticism is that some of the animal characters are actually quite difficult to identify, the dog looks very much like a bear and there's one that seems to be a snowman, though I must have got that wrong, maybe a duck?


I can see this being a book that we fall back on regularly when we find ourselves in waiting rooms or busy places where she needs to be kept busy. And when we have found all the items on each of the pages there is a list of additional things we can search for at the back - telling the time on the clock that appears on every page and counting items of different colours etc....and when all of that is done, there is a second book - Little Detectives at School, to move on to.