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Beautiful illustrations.

Why Blue? - Josh Tuiniga

I just love the artwork in this children's book and the idea of using it to answer one of the many questions that young children ask on a day-to-day basis - why is the sky blue?


I remember being told when my children first started school that we should make every effort to get the facts correct when our children asked us questions. Probably the only thing that I remember from that meeting, around twenty-five years ago.

So that could be the reason why I have problems with the answers this little girl receives - " "Because," said the baker, I had leftover blueberries from this morning's pancakes!" " or the musician, who replies - " "Cause I'm playin' the BLUES, little gal!" "

The correct answer is given by her brother but belittled by turning it into a ramble that goes over her head.


Towards the end she sees that the sky has turned red and purple and orange - another fabulous illustration. And by bedtime it was black, with stars.

So I'm left with a very mixed response to this book - illustrations 5*, content 2*.