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Kitty and Me (Reading Stars) - Judy Wolfman, Brett Greiman

I shared this with my toddler grandchildren and it got a bit of a mixed response. They love being able to read books on my Kindle with me but they definitely have their favourites. The eldest, nearly two years old, likes the book, but always wants to skip forwards to the dog - considering that she is surrounded by cats I find this a bit surprising. No other part of the book holds her attention. My grandson, 6 months younger, watched it intently and with much more enthusiasm.


Having said that, this is not solely a book for toddlers, it is intended to introduce a number of very simple words, which are repeated throughout, to start early readers along the route towards reading. For this reason it is pretty simple.

I'm not, personally, a great fan of the artwork and the story doesn't have much to appeal to parents for repeated reading (like The Gruffalo or Dear Zoo, for example), but it serves its purpose as an early reader and we'll probably return to it from time to time.