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You've got to try the Non-dairy Strawberry Ice Cream!

Shut Up and Cook!: Modern, Healthy Recipes That Anyone Can Make and Everyone Will Love - Erica Reid

Whilst I was not particularly keen on the title of this book, the recipes it contained were definitely inspiring.

Having the book on my Kindle meant that I could bookmark those that caught my eye and then select what to cook that day.


Unfortunately, not every recipe is illustrated, hence the four, rather than five stars, but there are a good number of vegetarian choices and all of the recipes are dairy free, which suits my family. I also liked that ideas for on-the-go snacks are marked with a little plane icon.


So far I have tried the Non-dairy Strawberry Ice Cream (even without an ice-cream maker my daughter declared it the best ice cream she had ever tasted!) Also, the Avocado Carrot Salad - though I think I'd reduce the cumin a bit next time, and the Black Bean Burgers.

Next on my list to try are Gypsy Girl Guacamole, Avocado Kale Smoothie and The Hollywood Bowl


There's quite an extensive introduction, which I confess I skipped, but it does include a useful list of the less common ingredients.

So, at 15% the recipes begin with Breakfast (9 recipes), then Vegetarian (23), Poultry (9), Lamb and Other Meats (3), Fish (4), Dressings and Sauces (6), Soups (6), Pizza (3), Snacks (11), Desserts 14), Drinks (5), a grand total of 93 options, many of which are vegetarian and dairy-free.