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I AM a pink cat!

I am a Pink Pig (Reading Stars) - Calee M. Lee

Now that I have grandchildren with whom I can share children's books, I have started to review a few more of them. This one was given to me by NetGalley in return for an honest review, so I tried it out on my 20 month granddaughter. Obviously she isn't starting to read yet, but this book works on two levels - as a simple book to read to a small child and as an early reader to a child who is ready to learn to read words.


On an initial read it seemed to be a great success - the Pink Pig introduces himself and then explains that he's not a blue, green or red pig - although the background colour is changing accordingly. On a second read through, I realised that her reaction had changed when we came to the next few pages - an illustration of a pink cat says "I am not a pink cat", similarly a pink dog, a pink turtle and a pink bird, all claim not to be what they are clearly illustrated as. If a 20 month child can spot that this is rather incongruous, I can't really recommend this book.


The illustrations are cute and the words are fine for young learners, so this book still has value, but it also has a glaring error. Maybe something can be done on a second printing to correct this.


With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, Xist Publishing.