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Beautiful coffee table book.

Nell Hill's Rooms We Love - Mary Carol Garrity

This is a stunning book to pick up and browse through, perhaps you would find a few ideas to inspire you - I don't think it's something that you'd read from cover to cover, or buy for your Kindle.


The photography is excellent, with prefect lighting in every shot, but for my taste, the rooms are rather over-filled with upholstery and ornaments. Some of the fabrics are also a bit busy. I love the author's aim of bringing the outside indoors, but there are rather too many floral fabrics and it's hard to keep fresh flowers looking good all year. I noticed that the same bunch of white tulips seems to appear in all the houses too!


These are not your average suburban semis, these are houses to drool over, with arches and space to spare. A book for when you feel like dreaming.