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Nope, going to abandon this.

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

So, in my quest to update my reviews, here is another abandoned, one star book. Why didn't I enjoy it as much as the majority?
I actually made two attempts to read this, for two separate book groups - that's how popular this book was when it came out, five years ago. I was surprised to find I wasn't the only one for whom this book just didn't work, there were others in my book groups who also struggled with it and this is reflected in its average star rating.

I only managed 10% and everyone's watched the film, so I won't rehash the story. As I remember from so long ago, there were two things that I disliked about the book. Firstly, I found the writing pretentious and whiny. I was still kind of going with it at this stage, but when the woman's voice came in, with her awful language, well, life is too short for such a book, in my opinion. Then, when I heard that after struggling through it, the ending would be a let-down, I officially put it into the 'abandoned' pile.
I'd be curious to see the film, perhaps, just to complete the cycle, maybe...