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What would you do?

Inside My Head - Jim Carrington

This is a Young Adult novel that deals with issues of bullying and integration into a new school. Whilst I wouldn't exactly call it an adult cross-over novel, it was a good read with a relevant message for today's youngsters.


There are three main characters who all have a voice in the narrative. Zoe is the new girl, she's none too happy about joining a new school, but she's able to view the student interactions with the eyes of an outsider. David is a friend of Paul's, the class bully, and Paul's main target is Gary, who he has given the nick-name of cheese puff for his round head and red hair.

Zoe meets Gary in the local playground before she starts school. It turns out he's in her class, but she doesn't exactly form an instant friendship. It does mean, however, that she has some empathy for him when she sees him being targeted. David is also starting to think that the bullying has gone a bit too far, but are he or Zoe strong enough to stand up against Paul and potentially put themselves in Gary's place?


The book asks some pertinent questions about bullying. What would you do if you were in the same situation? Would you have the strength of character to speak out?

Definitely a good book for sparking important discussion.