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Tale of a cantankerous old man.

A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman

I think I relate a bit too much to this grumpy old man, living in his own world, not to be intruded on by anyone or anything. OK, I'm not quite this bad (yet), but I could quite see his point!


I can't help but think that Ove might have been a lively, heart of the party type, once upon a time, in his youth. But sorrows have taken their toll, particularly the death of his much beloved wife, and now he sees little need for celebration, little point for life.


He is not impressed when a young family moves into the vacant house next door and two children just adds insult to injury. But this joyful, caring family turns out to be just what Ove needs to shake him out of his misery.


You can't help but like Ove, in spite of everything. He is honest, straight and no-nonsense, and taking in a stray cat showed the good side that he tries so hard to keep hidden.


There are very few books that I chuckle at, but this was genuinely amusing at times.

I see the author has had four more books published since I read this, all with good ratings, time to search him out again.


Oh, I just saw the author photo on GoodReads - looks a bit of a grumpy old man!!