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Audio-book read by Stephen Fry

A Boy Called Christmas - Matt Haig

This would have been a nice read before Christmas, but what made it special was the excellent narration by the indomitable Stephen Fry

It is Matt Haig's story of how Father Christmas came to be, complete with morals, as all good children's stories should be. If I'm honest, it's not really a cross-over adult book, but I enjoyed it to get me in the mood for 25th December :)

What the audio version lacked were Chris Mould's fantastic line drawings, that are in the paper version, and which I'm sorry to have missed.


Nikolas lives with his father, a wood cutter, in a small wooden cottage. They live hand-to-mouth until Nikolas's father is given the opportunity to go on an adventure to prove that elves exist. Nikolas is left with his horrible aunt, who takes his bed and kicks him outside to sleep in the cold. Nikolas reasons that he has nothing to lose and everything to gain by attempting to follow his father's footsteps and hopefully find him. So it is that he and his pet mouse set off into the snow towards the North Pole and the fabled land of the elves.


Of course there are adventures on the way, an injured reindeer and lots of baddies. A great book to share with your children before Christmas.

Oh, and then there's A Girl Called Christmas, also narrated by Stephen Fry and illustrated by Chris Mould - that's going to be a difficult decision!