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A cat with character.

A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets - James   Bowen

I discovered this as an in-flight audiobook on a recent long-haul trip, and passed a few happy hours with James Bowen and his loyal cat. I'm only sorry that it must have been abridged, as the full length audiobook is 6 hours in total and it was considerably less than that. I do have it as an e book so I hope to make up the missing chapters at some point in the future.

However, on the assumption that I got the best bits, this was a great listen, not just for the story of James and Bob, but also for the insights into the struggle of life on the streets, trying to make a living as a busker and later as a Big Issue seller.


When we meet them, James has just been allocated a flat in sheltered accommodation, and he spots a sick looking cat on the doorstep of a neighbour. After checking with the neighbour that it isn't his cat, he takes it in to feed and care for it. He used the very last of his money visiting the vet and buying food and antibiotics for the cat, but karma was certainly watching out for him because he found himself earning three times as much with Bob at his side.

Even though James tried to let Bob go back into the wild, Bob had other ideas and has since travelled round London on James's shoulder.


James Bowen has at least eight books out, for adults and children, and his author bio says that he now dedicates his time to helping numerous charities that involve homelessness, literacy and animal welfare.

There are several videos on You Tube about him, plus a film recently released.