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The One Good Thing: A Novel - Kevin Alan Milne

This was an enjoyable read with an interesting precept: the 'main' character carries several stones in one pocket and every time he manages to do a good turn, he transfers one stone to the other pocket. By the end of the day he intends all the stones to have moved across. Unfortunately there were a few continuity errors and the whole 'good turn' thing kind of back-fired, which I'm not sure the author intended.


This book definitely veers towards a beach read, but although my book group were a bit scathing at times, we certainly had a fascinating discussion on the subjects of bullying, good turns, lies and whether secrets should be kept or not.


Fairly early on in the novel Nathan is killed as a result of trying to help someone. His devastated family is understandably shocked to find an e mail from a previous wife, alluding to another daughter. His wife, Halley, knew nothing of any first wife or child, and her grief is multiplied by the thought that her beloved husband was not the man she had always believed him to be.


A Facebook page is started by someone whom he had helped, and contributions build throughout the narrative. Interestingly, these good turns were all real events that people had sent in, in response to the author's request and although I personally found them a bit irritating, it was great to learn that they were for real.


I don't think I will particularly search out more from this author, but if your book group is looking for a light read that produces an excellent discussion then this could be your answer.