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Sorry, but not funny :(

Bricking It - Nick Spalding

I've come to the conclusion that the sort of humour that might have me laughing mercilessly at a dinner party, simply doesn't work in print. This book was the perfect example, it was so NOT funny, I'm sorry, but it was simply ridiculous!


I liked the pretext, an old house, bequeathed to two siblings by their Gran, provides the chance to make some real money - if they attempt to improve it, rather than selling the dilapidated building as-is. The added complication of a colourful architect and their appearance on the television programme, Great Locations, should have made this a four-star read.


Unfortunately I was not amused at the image of Dan working so hard on the roof beams, that he can't make it downstairs to the toilet and has to poo in a packing crate - predictably, just as his boss pops up through the hatch. I couldn't see the point of the cow and there really was no need to find a butt plug up the chimney, please!


So, a great opportunity for some amusing building anecdotes alongside a narrative about revamping an old house, lost in favour of a farce. Sorry for the scathing review, but I was not alone, my views were totally supported by my book group.