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When your past catches up with you......

Your Blue-Eyed Boy: A Novel - Helen Dunmore

I'm not normally a fan of thrillers, and blackmail would definitely not attract me, but this book was chosen by my book group and so I agreed to read it.

I had particularly enjoyed The Siege by Helen Dunmore and more recently, Exposure. In addition, she was scheduled to attend our up-coming Lit Fest (although in the end, she didn't make it).


I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. It was not so much a book about blackmail, as about the relationships that we make during our lives, how they affect us and how we respond to them.


I felt for the lead character, who was working as a district judge - a job she probably would not have pushed for, had her husband not lost his job and debts begun piling up.

She had to drag herself to work every day, where she would pass sentence on various cases, but notably, declaring people bankrupt, when all the time, her husband got closer to being in the same position. The irony of this appealed to me.


Then a past boyfriend erupted onto the scene, complicating an already difficult situation.

It was interesting how she responded to this, especially as he was no longer the sexy young man she'd known before. He also had some mental issues, which made him a bit of a 'loose cannon'.


For me, the resolution let the book down, but as a study of characters and interactions I enjoyed it.


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