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A taste of times gone by.

Is the Vicar in, Pet?: From the Pit to the Pulpit - My Childhood in a Geordie Vicarage - Barbara Fox, Janine Birkett, Hachette Audio UK

This memoir of life as a vicar's daughter in North East England, was full of anecdotes, perfect for listening to on the road. Although I found the audio narration a bit twee, it kept me entertained for many a mile.


Even though I've never lived in a vicarage, nor in the north of England, I could relate to the era the memoir was set in, and it often reminded me of my own childhood. I clearly remember the miners' strike and doing my homework by candle-light during the three day week.


It could have been overly religious, but the author's father seemed to be more of a social worker than an evangelist. People would turn up at any time of the day and always be welcomed in for a cup of tea. The vicarage gardens sounded like a childrens' wonderland and quite a bit of the story was acted out under this back-drop.


Memories from a simpler era.