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Thought provoking.

Concentr8 - William Sutcliffe
I thought this was an excellent Young Adult book, with just the right amount of suspense to keep the attention of youngsters, while sending out an interesting message about the power of drug companies and the ease with which drugs can be prescribed.
In a future Britain, Concentr8 is the new Ritalin and it has been prescribed to all children who are in any way disruptive. Huge numbers of children are on this drug, manipulated by the drug companies, who have convinced the government to give pay-outs to parents of children who take the drug.
Then, suddenly, there is a policy change and the drug is withdrawn to save money. Massive riots break out across the country, as children try to cope with their new-found energy.
Five teenagers; Troy, Karen, Lee and Femi, led by Blaze, go out to see the riots that are going on in their town. On a whim, they take a hostage and tie him to a radiator in an empty warehouse. What do they want? What will they do with the hostage? And how will it all end??
Each chapter is narrated by one of the youngsters, a journalist, the mayor, or the negotiator and it's interesting to see events from so many perspectives. 
There are also interesting quotes from leading professionals in the field of ADD and ADHD at the end of each chapter.
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