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Before Jamaica Lane - Samantha Young

Something has happened to the Romance genre since I last read it; maybe it's the effect of Fifty Shades, but I was really not expecting to listen to pornographic sex while peeling the potatoes or doing the ironing. Thanks goodness it wasn't playing in the car while I was driving children around! Shouldn't this sort of thing have a warning on it!?


There are loads of great reviews of this book on-line and I was looking forward to my Audible version. Unfortunately I was very disappointed on many counts. The plot was thin (*whiny voice*: 'Nate, teach me how to have sex'!!), the descriptions were repetitive (lots of deep eyes and heavy breathing) and the ending was painfully predictable.


Oh dear, what can I say in its praise? Well, I didn't enjoy the narrator's strange Scottish accent, but I thought she did a good job with Olivia, the lead character.


I have sent the book back to Audible for refund, now that's a clever move on their part - customer is happy that they didn't have to pay for a book they didn't enjoy, and Audible doesn't get a negative review on their site!! I really must be more choosy about my audiobook selections in future.