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Small village life in rural Canada.

A Rhinestone Button - Gail Anderson-Dargatz

I very, very nearly gave up on this book on the grounds that there was too much bible bashing - I attended my book group having read only 35% and they persuaded me to keep going, claiming that the ending put it all into context. I did finish, which is always satisfying, but it was only a three-star read for me.


I had expected more from the synaesthesia aspect of the novel - Job's ability to experience sound as something he could hold and/or see. He listened to the vacuum cleaner for hours on end because it produced an 'invisible egg with the smooth, cool feel of glass'. However, I didn't find these descriptions enlightening; in order to get anything out of them I had to stop reading and ponder the details and this curtailed the flow of my reading.


The author's strengths lay in her character descriptions - Job's dreadful brother and his brother's wife were truly cringeworthy, and Job's friend Will, really pulled on my heartstrings when he was punished later in the book. I also felt for Job when he had to move into the hired-hand's shed to allow room for his brother and family, giving up his beloved kitchen and the solace of cooking.


I was involved by the characters but not by the story, which pretty much left me cold.

I also found I had to remind myself that we were in Canada, as the village had the feel of Southern, 'Redneck' America.

Not the author's best work I am told, so I might give her another chance, we shall see.