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Alexander Pope and 'The Rape of the Lock'

The Scandal of the Season - Sophie Gee

I enjoyed the flavour of the early eighteenth century in this novel; the decadent rich and the wannabes, but the story itself was a bit thin and the ending was disappointing. Having said that, the audiobook was the perfect entertainment for long periods in traffic jams. Cameron Stewart's narration was good (though his womens' voices were a bit painful!) and the narrative didn't require too much concentration.


The central character is Alexander Pope, a poet who is, according to Wikipedia, 'Famous for his use of the heroic couplet and the second-most frequently quoted writer in The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, after Shakespeare.'

Pope is in London hoping to find inspiration for a poem that will make his name. He is mixing in wealthy circles on the back of his two published works. His circle is a bit of a cast of thousands who I struggled to remember, but it is the relationship that develops between Arabella Fermor and Lord Petre that provides the romance and Lord Petre's involvement with a Jacobite plot to kill the queen, that provides the intrigue.


I wouldn't particularly recommend this book and I'm glad that I had it in audio, but if you're a fan of Alexander Pope it could be worth reading.