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Soap opera in Pakistan.

She Loves Me, He Loves Me Not - Zeenat Mahal

I was contacted by the publisher, to read and review this book.

Although I'm not a great fan of Romance, I was attracted by the fact that the book was based in Pakistan and 'International Reads' are my favoured genre


It started well and I was fascinated by the interaction between the two families and the relative freedom there appeared to be. Then everything changed - two characters marry under duress and the ending suddenly became very predictable.


Since childhood, Zoella has worshiped her best friend's brother from afar. He doesn't even notice her, preparing to marry the awful, spoiled, Neha. Then disaster strikes and he becomes severely disfigured, his marriage plans collapse and Zoella's luck changes.


What really brought the book down, in my opinion, was the constant bickering between the married couple; for pages and pages and pages. I finished the book out of respect for the author, but unfortunately nothing changes until right at the end, when, out of the blue, it's 'happily ever after'.


Zeenat Mahal has written novellas in the past and that is what this should have been. Cut out all the arguing and jump to the resolution, that could have raised my star rating by one, if not two, stars.