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The fight for equality.

Night on Fire - Ronald Kidd

Based on real events in the civil Rights Movement in Alabama USA, this Young Adult book was well written and accessible. A worthwhile read for young adults and adults alike.

In the 1960s, equality was written into Federal law, but some of the Southern States had yet to enforce it. The Freedom Riders, a group of mixed white and black students decided to ride buses together through some of the Southern States on a peaceful demonstration.

Billie Simms is 13 yrs old and white, but she doesn't take for granted the traditions of black servants, with separate entrances and seats at the back of the bus. When she meets up with Jarmaine, the daughter of the family servant, she finds that even more questions require answers. Her parents' responses don't satisfy her, so she decides to join the fight for equality.

Billie is horrified to realise how much segregation there is between her way of life and Jarmaine's. She realises how much she's taken for granted and treated the black workers as if they are invisible. She also becomes aware that just standing by and watching is not the same as getting involved and fighting for change.

An excellent book that should be required reading in Europe as well as US. Recommended.