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An eloquent author.

Black Rabbit Hall - Eve Chase

This is an author I will definitely read again, not for her story-line, but for her beautiful use of words and her wonderful character descriptions, this is where the novel's strengths lie.

She uses the much favoured method of moving between two time frames to tell the story of Amber, her twin Toby, and their younger siblings, Kitty and Barney. I fell in love with all the children, their vivacious American mother, Nancy, and the devoted servant, Peggy.
Unfortunately disaster strikes and along comes the wicked step-mother, after which the narrative loses some of its power. I'm hopeless at guessing the end of books, but my book group reckoned they saw it all coming.
In the current day scenario, Lorna comes across Black Rabbit Hall as a possible wedding venue, and despite its state of disrepair, she immediately decides that this is where she'd like her wedding, causing rifts between her and her fiance.
Why is she so drawn to the house?

Some of the descriptions made me smile: "She was at the 'end of my tether' two hours ago, so I don't know where she is now" (loc 1493)
Others were eloquent: "But the imprint of her bare feet on the grass remains, a little bit of her left to await her return" (loc 3280)
And some just struck me; "keeping half an eye on Barney, just like mother used to do in the days when I was free to be a kid" (loc 1475).

With a slightly less text book scenario, Eve Chase could become an author to watch.