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Flight - Isabel Ashdown

Friendship, motherhood and desertion.


This book is beautifully written, with well described characters and gradually revealed secrets, but it's a bit short on plot.
The question at the heart of the novel is why Wren would have left her husband and six-month-old daughter to go and live a solitary life on the Cornish Coast?
It's hard to say more without giving spoilers, but there were some aspects of the story that didn't quite work for me. Having said that though, it was a compulsive read and well deserving of its four stars.

Rob and Laura have been best friends since primary school and never had any need for anyone else until they meet Wren in the canteen of their secondary school. She is immediately absorbed into their small 'gang' and the three eventually decide to share accommodation at university. Laura feels no resentment when her two best friends decide to get married, but it is what happens after that that leaves both her and Rob reeling in shock.

Personally I feel that many reviewers have given too much away, so I'll say no more about the story-line, except what we learn in the first chapter; that Wren is one of the very first lottery winners, enabling her to make decisions that would not otherwise have been possible.

There is a lot of back-story involved and I did find the transitions a bit jarring at times, but on the whole this book flowed well. Most of my niggles were things that started to annoy me after I had finished and was thinking back over the narrative.
Probably a good book group read, as not everyone will react to events in the same way.

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