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A Maeve Binchy novel set in Greece.

Nights Of Rain And Stars - Maeve Binchy

Maeve Binchy set in Greece.

It was eleven years ago that I first read this book and gave it two stars. Listening to it as an abridged audio book was a more enjoyable experience, partly because I only heard the best bits and partly due to the excellent narration by Kate Binchy, Maeve's cousin. Her accents were excellent, from German to Greek to Irish, which added another dimension to the book.

The story is fairly mundane - a group of five tourists are eating at a Greek restaurant when, before their eyes, a fire breaks out on a passenger vessel out to sea, with the death of all hands. This shocking experience forges a bond between our disparate group of people and they get to know each other well over the succeeding days. The town is small and they keep bumping into each other until they gradually become the best of friends.

Each of them has come to Aghia Anna for various reasons, all running away from something or other. Their friendship helps each of them to see their problems in a different light and to arrive at some sort of solution.
It's a typical Binchy style of novel, heavily based on characters rather than plot.

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